Our Company

We’re a content publishing company that uses proprietary technology to superscale our audiences and deliver engaged experiences to our valued website visitors.

Our Business

We have two main properties, including 10FAQ.com our health website, and Quizoto.com, our new and fun quiz website. Our digital publishing technology team strives to deliver quality experiences to our audiences and have subsequently enjoyed industry leading daily time-on-site metrics, as well as industry leading page views per session metrics.

10faq.com quizoto.com

Our Team

Of course, all of this requires a cohesive team of medical experts, writers, editors, researchers, media buyers, software engineers, dev-ops engineers, graphic designers, testers, business strategists, ad operations specialists, and more. Leading this global team is a trio of tightly-knit industry professionals that believe in fairness and equality, and together we take pride in our track record of consistency, engaging with over 5 million website visitors month after month.

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